Contrary to popular belief, the ability to make your hair look fuller does not depend on your hair type. Even ladies with curly hair can even enjoy the benefits of boosting the volume up a notch. Learning to Increase the volume of your hair, means you will have healthier looking hair without having to use any filters.

1. Identify the problem

Before doing anything, make sure you identify your hair type and its problems. Maybe you had a hair salon disaster or you were born with naturally thin hair. By understanding your hair type , you can then find what works well with your hair.

2. Using the right products

If you have naturally thin or oily hair make sure you are using the right products. By adding to much moisturizer you risk the buildup of oil and grease. Too much moisturizer can weigh your hair down and make it look flat. Easihair Pro’s Rush and Brush dry shampoo is the perfect product to help add volume and texture to your hair.

3. Temporary Fix

If you’re looking for more volume for a girl’s night out, then look no further than Easihair Pros clip-in extensions. Easihair Pros clip –in extensions can be styled just like you would your natural hair, but with more volume.

4. Semi-Permanent Fix

If you just want to wake up with luscious and full hair, Easihair Pros tape in extensions is the answer. If you are a high maintenance lady or a low maintenance gal, there are a variety of ways tape in extensions can work for you, they are a semi permanent solution for longer and fuller looking hair. Since Easihair Pros extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair you can also style it as you would your own hair.

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